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The 65-inch TCL 4 Series Roku TV drops to $428

787彩票开户An all-around great TV with a price that just keeps dipping lower.

? My guess is you're consuming a good bit of TV right now. (Me, I just started on . Super-grim, but wow.) So maybe it's the right time for an upgrade? Perfect timing: Walmart has the 787彩票开户. That's the lowest I've seen it; the last time I shared this deal, it was $448.

You'll note that this is an S421, not the more commonly seen S425. What's the difference? I haven't had much luck tracking down an answer, though it appears the former is a Walmart-exclusive model. But why, then, does the store also carry the S425 ()? I'm not sure.

I can tell you that about a year ago, CNET's resident TV expert David Katzmaier had lots of good things to say about the latter in his TCL S425 review. Even so, he feels that if you can swing the TCL 6 Series, you should definitely opt for that; the picture quality is considerably better, he told me. Of course, 787彩票开户, nowhere near the bargain that is the 4 Series.

787彩票开户I'll simply note that if you're in the market for a big TV with a "good enough" picture and baked-in Roku goodness, this is a helluva bargain.

787彩票开户Your thoughts?

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